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Oneflow x Roger

Create digital proposals and contracts utilizing HubSpot data

By combining HubSpot’s Sales Hub and Oneflow you can digitally create, track, and sign sales quotes and agreements. With HubSpot integration, you get the company, contact and product information you need for contracts with a few clicks of a button. Making and managing offers and contracts is easy and straightforward, while keeping your sales pipeline up to date.

Faster sales with automated workflows

Hit your sales targets with a fully automated proposal workflow. Create proposals directly in HubSpot from templates with a click. Data such as products and participant information, will automatically transfer to your proposal!

Cut down negotiation time

Quickly move from proposal to close by negotiating in real-time with your customer inside the proposal. Edit in your browser and see how new changes are instantly updated.

Hubspot ja Oneflow-1-1

Track your proposals after sent

Stay in control even after you’ve hit send. Get notified of your customer’s every proposal interaction to know exactly when to follow up. Track progress directly in HubSpot. To make things even smoother you can use HubSpot workflows to streamline and remind you of the process.

Sign without friction

Make it easy for your customer to review and sign your proposal from anywhere at any time. Sign with electronic identification (eID), SMS and email authentication, or standard one-click e-signing. Signing with Oneflow is always legally binding, regardless of the method.

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"At Roger, we believe that only by using the solutions ourselves can we truly understand their value to our customers. That’s why also we implemented the contract management solution we represent, Oneflow. By integrating Oneflow into our HubSpot-led sales process, we are able to produce contract documents more easily and are permanently linked to other customer information directly in our CRM."
Jaakko Kievari, Roger Studio
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Personalize with video

Increase hit-rate by adding a human touch to your digital sales process. Send welcome videos or screen recordings to walk your customer through parts of your proposal.
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Get going instantly

Start using the service in minutes and see the benefits it brings in few days.
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Reduce risk and errors

Make sure the right terms are used in outgoing proposals. Create Workspaces for different types of contracts and lock down content in your templates.

Oneflow as part of the HubSpot deal process

Oneflow x HubSpot - Oneflow is an additional service integrated with HubSpot that takes the sales contract process to a new level

As an add-on to HubSpot, Oneflow transforms the manual bidding and contracting process into a digital experience, where contract processing, signing, and post-signing functions, such as the contract archive, merge into a single entity.


Seamless part of the sales process

Oneflow will automatically bring products associated with the Hubspot deal into the offer.


Use the ready-made contract templates

You can use ready-made contract templates or you can create your own templates.


Use advanced e-signatures

Sign deals with an electronic signature and save on scanning your papers.


Manage contract lifecycle

With Oneflow, you control access rights to contract materials and manage version control of contracts.


Collaborate and track changes in real time

Work on one version in real time and track comments and changes at the same time.

easy onboarding

Analyze the sales process

Analyze sales performance by tracking contract process lead times and contract values.

“Oneflow is an incredibly easy to use - simple tools to edit contracts, notify other collaborators, see which contracts are in which stage. Also it's well integrated with HubSpot simplifying adding contact and company details to the contracts.”
Tove Hernlund, Alva Labs


User specific pricing.



38 € / month / user

Contract templates and PDF contracts

Collaborate in creating contracts

Sign electronically

Life cycle management

Hubspot integration


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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the integration app on the HubSpot App Marketplace?

You can find the Oneflow for HubSpot -integration here from the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Which HubSpot features are compatible with Oneflow integration? Oneflow for HubSpot works with the following features: Company records, Deals, Deal stage, Datafields, Products and eSignatures.
How do I get started with HubSpot-Oneflow integration?

You’ll find everything you need to know in Oneflow Help Center.

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Want to discuss the service in more detail?

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