At Roger Studio, we combine quality customer data, CRM and service design to create unique, memorable experiences for you and your customers. For years, we’ve had the privilege to gather solid experience from multiple industries and countries together with companies of all sizes. Take a look at what we have achieved together with Valmet to strengthen their customer journey.

The key is to enable dialogue with your customer, have business intelligence solutions to support decision making, and build ability to manage a bunch of moving parts at the same time. For example, sales reps want to have a clear division of work, a systematic way to go through leads and contract documents to manage sales campaigns better. They shouldn't be troubled by tedious bureaucracy.

Why choose Roger Studio as your Salesforce partner?

We focus on technology and concepts that increase leadership of your customer relationships. Our goal with Salesforce is to increase your ability to measure results, streamline processes and save valuable time on your operations and sales so that you can focus on what you do best; your core business. How do we do it? By combining CRM expertise with trailblazing technology and our ability to develop innovative systems. Without forgetting your existing system architecture and data integrations needed, of course.

Not only is Salesforce a solution for a better-functioning business, but we also acknowledge the organizational change and communication needed to make it happen. At Roger Studio, we will be by your side throughout the whole process, giving you the needed design workshops, user learning sessions and customer marketing campaigns to really bring out the value of the change.

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