Every organization has its unique set of procedures and processes, so there is no single tool that would fit every organization. Throughout its entire history, Roger Studio has built solutions for more efficient marketing and sales based on customer data and better customer understanding. Even though we could be considered as a technology-independent consultancy, we mainly use HubSpot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot for marketing automation.

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Usability first



HubSpot is a marketing automation tool that can be used for a lot more than just lead generation and content marketing. In addition, HubSpot is flexible and user friendly: Roger's own ticketing system was switched in just a couple of weeks 

Roger Studio stands out from other HubSpot Partners for two reasons:  

1) We have over 20 years of experience in marketing and customer data in large companies 

2) We combine this with the latest digital marketing expertise  

We support you in utilizing HubSpot and other marketing technologies so that your own expertise in them increases through light piloting. This way we can find out, how they can be applied to your business and how HubSpot can be scaled into the marketing model of your entire global concern. With the automated communication models created to support this, efficiency can be increased in your customer service operations, and customer experience can be improved significantly. 

Maximizable marketing tool

Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Marketing Cloud is a world-class marketing tool, with which customer journeys can be created comprehensively, and customer experience can be tuned to the limit. Implementation and development of Marketing Cloud not only requires expertise of the whole Salesforce ecosystem, but also a very strong business understanding of how marketing and sales should be developed in your organization. 

With Roger, you can develop marketing automation in your organization in the long-term, and in an agile way, because we have the ability to work in the marketing, sales, product management and IT interfaces. You get the best out of Marketing Cloud when the operational model can be scaled over countries and brands. 

Many of Roger's Marketing Cloud customers take full use of their Salesforce system by using Marketing Cloud as a part of their marketing, sales and service processes.  

The tool of a sales rep

Salesforce Pardot


Pardot is a marketing tool in the Salesforce ecosystem, and it works particularly well in B2B, or B2C business, where the sales rep has a significant role. As a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, Pardot enables the use of Sales Cloud data for automation processes. On the other hand, it enables the creation of leads from Pardot to Sales Cloud, which makes it easier to improve the sales and marketing alignment. 

Because Roger Studio has strong experience in B2B business and the development of marketing and sales, implementing Pardot can be done in an agile way according to your business needs, but lightly in phases. This way added value can be created for your business in each phase through designing marketing programs and then implementing them in phases in an experimental way. 

At the moment, Roger supports the use of Pardot in the European, North-American, and the Asian market.