B2B buying behavior is currently undergoing a dramatic change and sales organizations must reinvent how they demonstrate their value to the customers. For most companies this means getting started with digital selling. Digital selling supercharges sales teams, allowing them to gain appropriate insight on and relevance to customers. Digital sales helps you with winning customers’ trust and, ultimately, increasing revenue and reducing sales costs.


Customer obsessed sales

Today’s sales teams need to focus their efforts around creating value for the customer. Sales reps need a systematic way to understand complex omnichannel buying journeys and use that insight to deliver relevant and timely experiences. Understanding customers’ buying journeys and how they interact with your different channels gives you a head start to winning them over.

Sales and marketing collaboration

Sales and Marketing both work towards the same goal to secure business and helping the company to grow. To achieve this goal greater collaboration is needed. Combining marketing automation with sales funnel processes helps you to make the most out of new leads and drive stronger, more valuable customer relationships and enhance retention.

Visibility and accountability

To succeed in digital sales you need a structured process and tools for leading the sales teams. Getting started with digital sales requires a lot of trust and a very clear guidance, especially if done remotely. Having the right metrics is a key to success but you also need to have an actionable dashboard to get clear visibility on the sales pipeline and activities.

Remove friction for omnichannel customers

You need to make it easy for customers to buy and get customer service from you on the channels they care about. Offering improved and new services that remove friction from customer pain points makes customer’s life easier and also makes buying easier. In order to remove friction you need to understand the customer pain points and their preferred channels. For many B2B companies, having a single point of contact, for example a customer portal, is already a good start.

Digital tools for sales

Remote sales tools are important but just having them doesn’t guarantee success. To excel in digital sales you need to make sure that you have systematic processes and guidance on how to use those tools. Social selling might seem tempting but without a clear strategy it might turn into a PR catastrophe.

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