Services for developing customer experience

Our customers are investing in personal and smart services right now. The best services are created when business, design and smart technologies come together hand in hand, and that's what we do for you. Below you can find examples of our services and customer cases.


Digital service platforms

Digital portals Roger Studio services webpageToday’s customers are increasingly expecting as straightforward digital interaction as they are used to in their daily lives. Every encounter with a customer brings either added value or causes harm for him and your business. By digitalising the encounter with the customer, you will acquire new data constantly and do better customer service from the customer’s point of view. Touchpoint prioritisation will enable digitalisation on your business’ conditions.


SKF-Logo-roger-webService design of a digital ecosystem

SKF wanted to improve customer centricity on a larger scale in its operations. Roadmap for customer experience development and projects supporting it were planned on a global scale. If you are interested to hear more contact us.



outotec-logo-roger-webPrioritisation of digital services

The will to boost cooperation with the customers, process information and enhance processes was the idea behind Outotec’s new customer portal. Coherent digital offering for the customer was ensured with the prioritization of digital services and a roadmap. If you are interested to hear more contact us.

Marketing and sales digitalisation

Marketing and sales digitalitsation Roger Studio services webpage

By automating sales and marketing processes, you put ease on your customer’s daily life, save time, increase the efficiency of your business, and sell more. This way you turn your marketing and sales into customer service and stand out from the competition. When you digitalise encounters with the customer, you give him customer service in the right channels at the right time – and at its best, things will be taken care of in advance already before the customer has even identified a need.


Helen marketing automation Roger StudioCare models that enhance customer experiences

Helen utilises marketing automation in enhancing customer experience and managing aftersales processes. With it, customer service experience can be improved because prior service information can be used in every customer service situation. If you are interested to hear more contact us.


Caruna digital first Roger StudioProactive customer service through digitalisation

Caruna Digital First is a service concept, the focus of which is the improvement of customer service and business in a customer-centric way. Now Caruna’s electricity sales partners get the service they need 24/7 through Caruna’s digital service platform. If you are interested to hear more contact us. 

Technology and data solutions


The world is full of technological solutions. By making the right choices, you will get a support pillar for encounters with the customer as well as sales and marketing management. You will ease your own and your customer’s everyday life because you can predict his needs, simplify processes and reduce the amount of manual labour.



Unicef Mobile pay CRM Roger StudioMobile solution for effortless donations

Unicef took its first step towards a customer-friendlier donation service. With an integration of Mobilepay and CRM, an agile and reliable solution that makes it easy and flexible to donate monthly was created. If you are interested to hear more contact us. 



Retail and online store meet the customer

We can combine customer data from different storefronts and even different brands into one place so that it always benefits the customer. Master data solutions (MDM & CDM) and modern sales and marketing cloud solutions are used in the execution. If you are interested to hear more contact us.